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Competitive swimwear, similar to Speedo and TYR available at lower prices online and through our dealers. Training suits, using endurance fabric that are chlorine resistant offer long life to swimmers who train long hours. The fabric is polyester with PBT and does not contain any Lycra. Lycra is what is affected by chlorine, which eats away at the Lycra and eventually the garment looses elasticity. The enduro or endurance swimsuit is ideal for training. For racing opt for a teflon coated or sharksin suit. The sharkskin look of speedo suits is simply a print onto the fabric to give the effect of the shark skin. Many other suppliers like Arena, Nike, SLICK and TYR also use teflon coated fabrics. Teflon reduces the absorption of water by the fabric, and by holding more air in the spaces of the fabric, gives a little extra buoyancy but also a smooth surface for the water to glide over. i.e. the water slides over air bubbles and not over the fabric itself. Over a large area this does give you less reisistance. Another design trick is to use clever construction to minimise drag by ensuring that eddy currents are created in specific you swim along these eddy current travel along with you, and again the water against the fabric is not moving relative to the fabric...water moving against water has lower friction than water against fabric. Training accessories like fins, swim fins or zoomers are important to develop correct swim strokes and musculature. Kick boards and pull buoys, are useful too. Silicone caps are the better option over cheaper lycra or rubber swim caps.